Humans made the concept of purpose,

Nature didn’t,

Then why do you seek the purpose of life,

And insist on life to have one, that you shall find,

When it even doesn’t know,

What the hell it* is,

It doesn’t have the privilege to think in the first place.

But all you do is ponder upon, on and on,

and other people may propose to you, answers unknown,

and no answer will resonates with you,

until you yourself allow it to.

But do remember always,

that humans invented the concept of purpose and that of meaning too,

of which they had the privilege to and therefore they do,

which life never had, and it won’t henceforth.



A poem by,

Roger Clan


Does it matter how you live your life ?

Does it matter how you live your life,


Whether you make it large or whether you make it small,

Or if you make out of it anything at all,

You can just leave it as it is if you wish so after all.

And If something goes wrong,

Death got your back and death got your bone,

And you will leave without a trace,

And you will leave without disgrace,

And will you be alert or will you be sane,

You will be like you arrived dazzled and in pain.

The evidence which remains doesn’t do any scathe,

Only very few of that gets to troll,

And rest of it rests with dust by its side,

Well if anyone survive to hear it out,

And to listen to its music and listen to its cry..

Well do not fear and do not care,

Be assured that all of them shall die,

So just smile and smile and smile,

So that you are ready to beg and you are ready to cry.


then you know the answer to the question,

Does it matter how you live your life.