From Dreaming Your Dreams To Living Them

dream by ellie louise

dream by ellie louise

If you ever had a dream, i bet you have one,
a desire you always wanted to be fulfilled,
but somehow never got there, or worse, never started at it.

I know it hurts, to see your dreams age with you.
The fact that some of them may die with you, because you never had the courage to act on them.

That will haunt you, every now and then,but not everything is lost,

there is still a hope,
and there’s a way,
and if you are willing to follow, here’s the way that will make your dream come true..

If you have a dream,
write it down as a goal,
something that is well define,
something that is measurable, and achievable,

You will never know if you are living your dream, if you don’t know what it is.
Take time to define it.

Every expert was once an amateur.
If you want to be the former, you have to get comfortable to be the latter.
It’s what they are made of,
Expert is a skilled amateur.

Goal setting by Angle Torres

So, now you have a goal,
decide your strategy,

what you will do regularly to move towards it,
the thing you can include in your routine,
so you know the ship which will take you to your dream land,
build it.

So now, you have a strategy,
make a plan of it,

define your motives, your targets, and their deadlines.

And if you have a plan, and it all clear
have the courage and will to execute it.

Because it is the action that yield result.

No matter what you plan, what you say,
but only what you do determines in the end what you reap.

Obviously, you need the above steps to make the most out of your action,
but it’s the action which directly influence your outcomes.

And if you execute your plan,
you need to repeat this until you get what you wanted.
And never ever give up.

Persistence is what separates an amateur from an expert.

If you followed your intuition with dedication, and the simple guidelines above.

Congratulations, you are now on your way to living your dream.

And guess what, it’s measurable, accountable, and foolproof,
until and unless, you are making a fool of yourself.

So, now during the day time,

stop dreaming your day dream,

and fill those days living it.

There are no short-cuts to anything worth achieving, go the distance.

It is not easy, but it is worth it.
If it was easy, everyone would have done it.

Go get it.

Make A Note:

No advice will work, until you do.

And your excuses won’t get you where you want to go,
what you do, will determine what you get.

So excuse the excuses, and get back to work.

If you don’t know, seek and/or learn,
If you don’t own, earn and/or build it,
If you don’t have, do and/or get it.

No matter what happens, just don’t let anything stop you, or else,

Until next time, wake up to live.