Something ‘About Us’


When i wrote this, 2 years ago, i thought it might be funny.

I doubt that now, but i find my former self cute.
So, for the sake of that and my own laziness,
I will let it stay it that way.



Hi, I am Roger Clan




A friend of your’s,

oh yeah, of course.



If i know you, you know me,

If i don’t,

Welcome, my new friend.

hey! who set that title to about “US”,
oh now i get it, us means YOU and ME,

//you are reading this, and all of a sudden this becomes about you, too.




[ Besides that, ‘about me’ sounds a bit selfish, alright]
[ yeah, some healthy stereotypes.]


[Oh I almost forgot, that is my imaginary friend there, THE EDITOR.]
//If you encounter any shit, you know who is to blame.



I am a human, who is seeking answer’s to life’s questions,

I am a human who faces life problems and try to find ways to come to terms with them.

I love learning, exploring, reading, writing, drawing, photography, graphics and much more.

I have a keen interests in subjects like philosophy, psychology, cosmology, computer science, graphics and anything that’s interesting enough.

I also love comedy and enjoy a great sense of humor,
and also the not so great one, that’s alright.

That’s why sometime i allow flimsy humor to creep in my writing,
because i don’t know why sometimes it’s good enough.

So bare with me for the times it gets too bad.

I love to help, and i love to get helped.

So, here i am to write about some of my explorations, contemplation, and introspections.

You are welcome to join the conversation, i would love to talk about it.



Will keep on updating it as more data strike my mind, that you might want to know about me.

Until then, keep exploring.



NOTE: This page only include just some basic info, yeah dive into the achieves,
for the real wisdom.

Please Comment what you would like to add to this thing above.

Until then,
Strength, Love and Honor



You may be gone,ee
but you’re never over,rrrr.


[Meet my imaginary friend, ENIMEM]
[named after his idol rapper with a similar name.]

Shit, this is happenin’.

Over and out.



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