Indoctrination of Education by Social Conditioning

There was a time, when teaching was not a profession and neither was studying.

The one who wanted to learn, sought opportunities to learn and practice,

And approached the ones who were competent enough to teach them,

Then they tried to convince those so called “experts” to take out some time to teach them how they do what they do, and how can they learn to do so.

If they were convinced or needed an apprentice or would love to help someone learn as they did their own work,

They accepted and said “hop on”, if not, well, maybe someone else, then.

Almost nobody studied or taught subjects that didn’t interested them for money.



For the same reason, in today’s time, it’s not surprising that only a few of all the students and teachers are doing what they are supposed to do, right.

The reason schools and colleges are not a good framework is that more and more people enter them forced by social conditions and extrinsic motivation.

More teachers are now ‘compelled to’ teach the subjects they might be competent at but do not care about,


With negligible passion for the subject and no drive for the act of preaching it,

The daily motions of their job become drudgery and well it drains will power sooner than expected,
Ego depletion occurs, and by the afternoon, teachers are pissed about with every student who makes some fault,

Well that behavior is contagious and sooner or later students too start to lose interest in the studies,


Except for those ones who are highly self motivated, based solely on intrinsic factors,

Others either get derailed or struggle to keep up with the coursework,

It soon turns out that more and more students tend to treat studying as drudgery,

Just because of the inflexible structure of our education system and all the teachers who don’t want to teach.


Students who struggle studying are mostly the ones who are pushed into studying by social pressures,

Be it family, peers or society, and the extrinsic motivators proposed by them to make you move forward,

Soon the student sees the whole process of learning as a errand and try to avoid it, or do it as naively as possible.

Just because either he is taught the things which do not interests him or because he is thought in a inappropriate manner.



So, what today’s educational system has to realize is that learners need not to be students and educators need not be teachers,

The authorities should therefore break the structure of the current educational frame-work and develop it again from scrap,

With individual interests in mind, (to be noticed of by surveys or polls), they should not impose syllabuses or some package of must read and must do errands,

What they must offer is flexible learning experience in which the student himself strives to hone his knowledge and skills, and moreover develop his experience without restrain orders.


A flexible experience (not system) which makes each student a unique one,

Displaying his or her competence not by scoring high on tests but by the work their furnish in their chosen endeavor,

And the authorities should help the students bloom, rather than force each bud to go through a cage to grow out as of same size, or smaller, never larger than life,

When they were made to be different, to live and experience the life, in their own way,

As for the educators thing,

We will have none, so then who will teach them, well no one would and no one can.

What we need is people willing to learn and work and other people willing to help them learn and work.

But they do not need to be specialized as teachers.


This world needs to abolish this (Absolute) teacher-student framework,

In which a teacher is nothing more than a teacher, and a student nothing more than a student.

But what this evolving human race need is,

People who learn the things they love to learn and do the things they want to do,

And the people who are good at it beforehand, and the ones who are struggling to be good at it.

And the former helping the later and so on for the next generation,

And the latter may help the former with his/her work.

See, no teaching, just helping out, each other for reaching their own excellence.

And if this goes right soon we will have people, who will be encouraged to be who they want to become,

Rather than sit in room and listen for 12-15 years of their life, when they don’t really want to or really don’t even need,

All they need is guidance and help in learning and work.


Wonder how much better this world would be, if most of the people are doing what they love to do,

And are helping the coming generation in learning to do what they would love to do.

It would be a dream come true, and with people doing things they love to do,

And living their live the way they want to,

Most of others problems, like depression, conflicts and others would just slip away.


This single adaptation would make this would a better place to live in,

A place we always craved for,

And I am not saying we won’t any more problems,

But whatever comes on our way,

We will all come together to face them,

And instead of being selfish and mean, we will face and suffer together, holding hands with a smile on our face,

Because our rest of life, at least our working life (1/3 of life) will be so much better and better.

So, I would now leave you to think upon and introspect upon this matter with this great thought,

“Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.”



Core ideas:


Educational Propaganda

Indoctrination of Education

Social Conditioning

institutional delusion

*the end*




    1. yeah, it’s funny to see them getting all worked up by these tiny matters,

      well, society has conditioned them into believing that formal education is must,
      even though the evidence to contrary exists.

      But this is a big business model, and our society is the helpless consumer,
      with individual trying to define and validate themselves by their educational qualification.

      I feel sorry for them, and i know i would like to help in improving this situation.


    1. Well, i know this has become too big to control, now,
      but at least we can give it a try, if we are able to.

      Some people are already working at abolishing this unhealthy formal education system,
      Sir Ken Robinson, Peter Gray and John Taylor Gatto, to name a few.

      Hope their efforts bear out fruits in the future.


    1. Hey, Vatsala ! Good to see you, i wasn’t expecting you,

      well as for being webbed, do not worry, a rebellion has already begin,
      prominent figures include Sir Ken Robinson, Peter Gray and John Taylor Gatto.

      Future generations may see a better educational system, and for us,
      we got to fight our own battles, and choose the right ones in first place.

      You have in you the power to choose, and the power to fight.
      Realize that power.


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