Do Anything, Yeah Anything.


If you want to do something,

lose your sense of identity, yeah, kill it if you need to,

you can’t kill your whole identity, as it makes you who you are.


But just think for a moment and think of that part or belief system that you think is an innate part of your identity,

which holds you from doing what your heart desires to.


And then when you have lost that sense of identity of yours’, that is,

that the person telling you, you can’t or won’t be able to do the things you want to do,

it’s not you, it’s your beliefs.

Drop them.


And think why can’t you do it, got the answers, they are excuses, drop the excuses,

and go do it.

and once and for all believe that you can do it, yeah literally believe it, [try positive psychology texts]

whatever the obstacle is.



And remember that,

if you don’t know, Learn,

if you don’t own, Earn,

if you don’t have, Build,


if you are not, Become.



Make the move. Go the distance.

Because when you stop, your progress does the same.

Don’t let yourself become your own greatest obstacle.



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